Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pinky Swears Last Forever

Hi peeps, I know I haven't posted in a while. But I finally got my own home-made internet, so more posts to come! In the meantime thought I'd post the opening scene of a romantic comedy movie I started working on..

"Nooooo! How could my horse leave me!! I thought I locked the gate??"

Opening seen: a young high school student is walking down the school hall ways. He sees a girl walking from a distance. Their eyes meet, she walks towards him. She interacts as if she’s know him forever. She is lively and open with an air of trusting vulnerability. It somewhat clashes with her dark eyes and overall slender slightly “other-worldish” appearance.

“Hi! Can you help me find my class? I’m new here,” she says.

“Sure, where you headed?” he replies.

“I’m supposed to go to building C5.”

“That’s this way.”

They start walking together.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so bad with directions! You must think I’m a dork. My name’s Melissa by the way. I know, it doesn’t suit me.”

She sticks her hand out to shake his.


“I just moved here from Seattle. Don’t worry though, I’m not a total wacked out hipster or anything,” she continues.

He chuckles.

“So you’re originally from L.A?” she asks.

“Nope. San Diego actually. And don’t worry, nobody’s ‘from here’”

“I know right! Everyone moves around so much now a days.  There’s no such thing as a ‘hometown’ anymore. It’s sad.”

“I like it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, you can run away forever.”

“Aww, why would you want to run away from your family and friends?”

“Hmm. So why’d you move down to L.A?”

“Well I’ve been living with my dad ever since my parents split up three years ago. But I missed my mom and wanted to live with her now so.. I’ve only been here a week, it’s soo sunny. I love it. ”

“Cool. yeah it’s funny how different places can be. Even San Diego’s like way different even though it’s just like two hours away.”

“How’s San Diego different?”

“For one thing a lot more hills. I like hills, makes it interesting, not like San Gabriel valley, so flat. People are different too. More laid back down there. So must be nice to be with your mom again after being apart for that long.”

In a quieter tone: “I love her.”

“You’re gonna think I’m such a loser!” she continues while looking with her head at a lowered angle and covering her mouth with her hand.

“Why?” Sergio asks.

“I live in my mom’s basement!”

He makes a sly face.

“Well all you need now is a World of Warcraft account and a pot belly” playfully taps her stomach.
She puts hand on stomach look of shock and insult on her expressive face. Then she punches him in the shoulder.

“Shut up! No! You don’t get it, it’s actually a really nice basement! You should see how I have it set up. You wish you lived in a room as cool as mine.”

He chuckles again.

“What’s more amazing is that there’s actually a house in L.A. that has a basement,” he replies.

“I know.”

“Next you’re gonna tell me it’s sad people don’t have basement’s anymore,” he quips.

“Shut up. So what’s your story Sergio? Why did you move from San Diego?”

“When my dad left me and my mom, my mom thought I’d be better of living with my uncle,” he replies.

They walk quietly.

“Sorry didn’t mean to make things all awkward,” he added.

“No, don’t be sorry.” She replies softly but in a serious tone.

“So what are you into?” She asks in an interested tone.

“Well despite my athletic physique” he jokes, “I’m actually into writing”



“That’s cool. What do you write?”

“Well, I just finished my first book.”


“Yeah, I’m working with a literary agent to try to get it published. Just got it copyrighted.”

“No way! That's so cool.” She hits his shoulder again. “What’s it called?”

The Canyon. It’s a crime story that shows just how messed up humans can act towards eachother and the consequences that follow.”

“Wow I’m impressed Sergio. You wrote a book and you’re not even done with high school.”

“Well those of us with fucked up lives, we get good at thinking about shit. I just happened to write it some of it down in the form of a story,” he responds.

“Ah, well good can come from pain. So when can I buy your book?”

“Soon, hopefully. I worked on it for two years. I want to get it out there already."

“I’m so gonna buy a copy. When you make the New York best seller’s list, don’t forget the girl who walked you to your class when you got lost.”

“Haha! Oh is that what happened??”


“When I make it big, I’ll buy you a chandelier for your basement.”

She laughs.

“Oh my gosh you’re such a dork!” She exclaims

“Well, here’s C5.”

“Thanks Sergio, it was fun talking to you. You’re really nice. See you round.”

Gives him a slightly flirty smile. Walks into her class.

“Yeah, see you round.”

He walks back in the direction he came from with a smile on his face...

*Don't forget to check out my book! 

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