Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dana White, Joe Rogan Conspiracy Theory

Dear readers and readerettes,

it is my contention that comedian Joe Rogan, and comedian Dana White are in fact the same person!!

Consider the evidence:
  • They are both obsessed with UFC.
  • They are both, buff, bald, white guys.
  • They never criticize each other.
  • As stated above, this is a theory. According to atheists if you put the word "theory" after an idea it can no longer be questioned and must be accepted as fact. It's just like String Theory which has been tested and proven in laboratories around the world a total of - wait for it- 0.00000 times!! BUT it has the word "theory" after it and so you're an idiot if you don't believe it.
  • I have never seen them both at the same time at the same place except on Youtube videos that we all know can be altered.

 FAKE!!!!! (caps lock makes my argument irrefutable)

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