Sunday, February 16, 2014

Upping Your Date

A few years ago, me and some homies were out getting tacos at Boca Del Rio in La Puente at about two in the morning. Afterwards, we headed home down Hacienda Blvd when we could see smoke coming from behind some trees a good couple of miles away. "There must be a house on fire," I said to my friends.

The next day I found out that the smoke we had seen came from my parish church, St. John Vianney's, which had been burnt down to the ground by an arsonist. We now hold mass under a giant tent, and after much negotiation with the insurance company, a settlement has finally been reached. We still need to raise about another 10 million dollars to rebuild the church, but fortunately the parishoners have been generous and we are getting there.

Things can change in an instant from just a small spark - sometimes for better, sometimes for worse..

Sunday, February 9, 2014

We Were Born with Interlocking Hands for a Reason

There are many atheists I’ve talked to that believe in human progress. They think that just like advances are made in science, so too does human existence advance ever reaching higher heights. In other words, humans keep getting better and better just like their technology does.

Part of this ever forward progression, they believe, is the evolution of man rising above Christian religion. Christianity should be tossed aside like antiquated, superstition based, medical practices. I disagree.

Christianity is not just a free choice that people can make for themselves like choosing a brand of toothpaste. It is in fact the most crucial element needed in our social fabric that must be widespread and strong if our society is to survive.

Before I make my case, I think we can all agree that the degradation of society results in anarchy - either that or tyranny since, as with most opposite extremes, they tend to lead to the same outcome: a crappy life for their citizens rife with murder, rape, and many other human rights violations taking place way too frequently.

So how do we prevent anarchy and it’s opposite twin tyranny? The obvious answer is by having a structured society where politicians write laws within a predetermined context to ensure each individual’s rights will be protected.

But the problem is that civil laws are overrated and quite powerless against an immoral people. There is another solution called self-regulation which is underrated in our modern times. But ultimately it has its flaws as well.

 Allow me to explain using my hands...

On the One Hand, Laws... 

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