Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hood Times (moving on down)

My friend Punchino from San Diego called me up the other day...

S'up dog. Hey we haven't kicked it in a while. Why don't me and Craig come visit you in L.A. for Cinco de Mayo?

Yeah that'd be cool. Come on through; should be poppin.

Text me your address.

Just sent it.

Hold on, lemme google earth it. Dude.. what the fuck. You live between a tire shop and a used furniture store??

Zoning laws work kinda different out here.

In that, what? They don't obey them??

Hey! It's not Paco's fault they're not written in Spanish.

In the ghetto, street signs are written in Old English, and tacos eat Mexicans

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nu Pac (Brick busts a rhyme!)

What I do on Friday nights when my girlfriend goes out without me...

So many times
That my rhymes
Committin crimes
Y'all dropping dimes
Like I drop beats cuz it's the only thing that you know how to do

Wanted in every county
Bigass bounty
I don't even
Know how many
Warrants but it's definitely turning that Hawaiian Dog's balls blue

But I ain't stoppin
I'm still poppin
Off at the 808
So do what u do best and just stay the fuck out my way

Cuz when I'm done
A thunderin
Ain't no sun
Gon come ya bum
It's only gonna open up the floodgate

Of all the hate
Of all the ppl
So irate
Who denigrate
Every single track of yours I even bother to rate

Talk about a rotten tomato
Ain't no track gotten a rating so low
Since Simon Cowell used to berate that queer Secrest fellow

Ain't a shred of
Iceberg lettuce
Left for us
In this 6 inch sub
Woofer bumping out that pathetic thing you somehow call a track

But be like Bond and
Take a Quantum
Of Solace
You witnessed this
It's not everyday that history takes place

Might as well stay
Cuz it's way too late
To save that bigass thing on your head u somehow call a face!

*Don't forget to check out my book, Moby Brick's Unshuffled Deck!
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