Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rotten Love

How I love to surround myself in your embrace, cold as it may be
As a broken man, I am drawn to your darkness
Your love is an elixir that gives me strength

While perhaps I forget you as I go about my daily tasks
In my toughest times, I remember you exist
The pain then subsides as I get lost in your morbid dream
I can trudge forward once again

You are the only one who sees me for who I really am
And yet you love me
Behind your cool exterior, you're crazy!

You want me all for yourself
If another so much as looks at me you wrap your arms around me tightly
And with a stern look, you let everyone know that I am yours; I am off limits
Occasionally, I glance at that other soul and wonder what might have been

But the truth is, I already know
Besides, your tangible shadow starves to death whatever new seeds have been planted
You are demanding; you won't let me connect to others
However it's not your fault
You only bring out the distance that was already inside of me

True, I am not the only man to have tasted your love
But I like to think I'm the only one who appreciates you
Who sees you as more than just an object
Others only use you when they need you

They say I am addicted, obsessed even
They called you "cheap" but they were wrong
You are not cheap; you are sweet
Sweet sunglasses!

        When you're not around, I have to use my hand!! o.0

Basically my theme song:

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