Sunday, November 25, 2012

Near Traumatized

On a popping night, Nacho, Chi-Chi, and I went out to Kelly's Bar a Karaoke joint in Pomona. I love Kelly's because there are usually many beautiful Latinas walking around, or even better, busting a move on the dance floor.

Now when it comes to how chicks see me, I believe I am about average. That's an OK place to be I guess, but certainly not ideal. You see I have player friends that get all the hot chicks; then I have bum friends who girls simply won't hit on.

Since I'm inbetween the two, I get hit on by all the average to ugly chicks because they know they're not going to get anywhere with the players; and they don't want to hit on the bums because they think that's aiming too low.

But I guess I really can't complain. For a guy who makes no effort to go up and talk to girls, I get a decent amount of play. And I do occasionally get hit on by some fine chicks for no apparent reason.

Like that stupid fountain at the mall people keep throwing change in. You're not getting any candy out of it buddy, believe me!!

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