Sunday, July 10, 2016

Neil DeGrasse Tyson; Not So Scientific

I love science. I think it's awesome. Not only has it given us useful technology, badass entertainment, and life-saving advances in medicine, but I find it fascinating in and of itself. I am especially interested in quantum physics. The developments in this field combine reality with our craziest dreams as they break down our whole universe into a two dimensional existence produced in its entirety by quantum vibrating strings.

But despite my love of science, I don't worship it. And I certainly don't limit the scope of my learning, and personal growth to only those things that exist within the realm of scientifically valid facts. I'd be dead if I did. After all science is just a method. It is as flawed as its practitioner, it has many limitations, and is subject to bias and human manipulation, and skewed perceptions.

"Science" by definition again is nothing more than a method. It is the best vehicle for human intellect and therein lies its permanent limitation: it can only go as far as human intellect can take it. But of course as one of my all time favorite sayings goes, "we don't know what we don't know." That might sound so obvious it doesn't need to be said. But don't confuse it for an idiotic saying such as "it is what it is." The fist saying is a truly profound statement when you take the time to think about what it really means. The second saying is meaningless gibberish.

There are, in my opinion, truths that exists outside the scope of human intellect. This doesn't mean we can't become aware of them and apply them in our lives, it just means that we cannot detect them with our intellect. We therefore have to be open to other avenues of perception to learn about these truths. It's kind of like the color infrared. Just because infrared exists outside of the scope of our vision doesn't mean it isn't real. It just means we have to learn about it by other means than searching for it with our eyes.

Unless you're these guys.

So what does this have to do with Neil deGrasse Tyson? Well he is someone who scoffs at religion because it isn't scientific. Only after testing out a hypothesis multiple times, obtaining the same results, analyzing the data, and getting peer review will he "believe" something. I remember once seeing a video where he explained that he doesn't take UFO sightings as evidence of UFO's because eyewitness testimony is the lowest form of evidence and by itself is not enough to validate a phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

No need to say it guys, he already thinks you're not worthy.

That's all fine and good when it comes to UFO's but let's look at another scenario. Let's say that Neil goes out to lunch with a friend. They are sitting at their table eating their food and debating exactly which Justin Bieber song is the one that will launch him into "legendary musician" status. Suddenly their waiter approaches them.

Sorry to interrupt your passionate discussion Mr Tyson, but they are getting ready to tow your car.

Did I hear you say "Mr Tyson??"

Relax, its not the cool one.

Nobody messes with NDT's car!


It stands for Neil DeGrasse Tyson, you peasant!

In that case, they should of named you Sebastian Tyson DeGrasse. 

This is no time to dwell on mistakes of the past! I must stop this towing at once!

He then rushes outside where he sees the tow truck crew hooking his car up to their truck.

Cease this immediately!

Sorry there fella, but this is a no parking zone. Or didn't they teach you to read?

One does not have time to read street signs when one is contemplating the mysteries of the universe!

What an arrogant douche. Check it out man, I like your face so I'll make you a deal. Pay me $100 cash and I'll allow you to move your car.

So after paying the bribe, Neil manages to save his car from being towed. This was thanks to the eyewitness testimony of the waiter. Why would Neil accept this eyewitness testimony, supposedly "the lowest form of evidence," as reason enough to make him get up off his ass and take action? Why didn't he wait to gather more evidence, run multiple tests, then get peer review on the results? After all the waiter could have been wrong. He might have mistaken another car for Neil's. Or maybe it was part of a prank his friend had set up. All these are realistic possibilities.

But the reason he decided to act in faith was three fold: 1) he didn't have the resources available to look into the waiter's intellect and character to see if he was lying or confused 2) he had a limited amount of time to act, and 3) getting his car towed was a big enough risk to motivate him to accept another form of getting information other than one that meets the scientific method's criteria. In this case, continuing to sit at the table waiting to use the scientific method of gathering evidence while his car was being towed away would of made him a blithering idiot.

Derpa derrrr

The same is true with discovering God and understanding the importance of the afterlife. We don't have the resources to figure it out on our intellect alone, we have a limited window of time to figure it out, and the risk of getting it wrong is big. In fact, it's the biggest and most important risk of all. Therefore it is important to open our minds to other avenues of learning. With an honest heart we must look at revelation, experience, and intuition. You want to wait until there is scientific evidence of God to believe in Him, Neil? You don't have that kind of time old man. None of us do.

*This post is dedicated to beautiful Babygirl. I love you honey. Thank you for guiding me down the right path!

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