Monday, March 4, 2013

Pogo-a-Gogo (picture story)

One day I was taking my morning 
       constitutional in the park...

When I saw a girl eating one of those giant pretzels.

    It looked delicious, so I took a bite.  

                              "You ate my pretzel!"

"Is it too late to run away?"


"Why do I always ask that question when I
keep getting the same answer?? Oh well..."

                        "Good thing I always carry my          
                          get-away pogo stick with me!"          

I was getting away. 

"Oh no, he's getting away!"

"Good thing I always carry my 
catcher-upper pogo stick with me!" 

She was faster than I thought.

When she caught up to me, an epic kung fu battle ensued!!

It's always cute when chicks try to fight.

 ...until you realize they're tougher than you thought!

Lunch Special: Knuckle Sandwich!!

Try our jaw-dropping foot to the stomach!!!

She ended up winning when she took
her pogo stick to my, um, pogo stick. 

But after she wupped me, we became friends.


*special thanks to Lanarama, Lisa L, and random Chinese guy in park who gave us kung fu lessons after watching our fight scene!


*Don't forget to check out my book!  


  1. A real funny post,like it buddy.:)

  2. The photo story was so cool. Riding the pogo stick must have been fun.

  3. Replies
    1. haha thanks, you did a really good job with photoshop!

  4. expressions really rocked :)

  5. pictures says the story in Good way , nice

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