Sunday, July 17, 2016

Top 5 Movies You've Never Heard Of

I'm bored today, so I thought I'd make a list of my top five underrated movies...


Despite staring the big shot names of John C Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gwyneth Paltrow, no one I've ever talked to about this movie has even heard of it. It's set at a slow pace, and I can see why it didn't become a commercial success. However the movie has a profound moral told in a chilling way: a man's personality and demeanor says nothing about his true character. The final scene is the most simplest and mundane of gestures performed by the main character which seals the point home in a single stroke of genius.  


This movie is the perfect embodiment of frustration and deep inner rage topped with the frosting of desperation for approval that only those of of us who were unloved by our parents can ever fully relate to. Everyone else probably thinks the main character is a fucking asshole. They might not be wrong, but the movie is rife with humor to help you not hate the main character too much and does in the end have a surprisingly positive message. Also it stars Christina Ricci after she put a little meat on and looks hot as fuck.


This movie is sort of a Hackers of it's day. It has elements of suspense, humor, romance, with good friends, bitter enemies and a great dynamic created by having the right blend of different characters who bounce off eachother coupled with what now is extremely dated technology. The movie goes to show that a good story is timeless even if it's technology isn't.


My all time favorite genre of movies is suspense/action movies that play into the whole cat and mouse theme. That's why I love classics like Die Hard and No Country for Old Men. This movie is the definition of the genre. Like with Hard Eight, this one stars some big names even though practically no one's ever heard of it: Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr. and a very miscast Dennis Leary (just because your a pissy New Yorker does not make you a good mob boss). 

This movie has a few flaws including some questionable acting, lazy dialogue, and dated concepts of inner-city life, but in the end its still a great story that keeps you interested. Instead of remaking timeless classics like Ghostbusters, Hollywood should remake this flick. They could fix the flaws and pretend it's an original idea since like only two people have ever seen it.

1) HERO 

I know what you're thinking: everybody knows the movie Hero, Brick, you fucktard! Well hold your horses you dirty Jew. I'm not talking about the lameass Jet Li movie where he stops arrows with his Chi or whatever the fuck overly choreographed bull shit. I'm talking about the Dustin Hoffman movie made in 1992. Speaking of dirty Jews, Hoffman nails the part of a bumass, deadbeat dad who becomes a hero inspite of himself only to lose the credit (and million dollar reward) to his best friend after walking away from the scence of his heroics. Something to do with having warrants if I remember correctly. The movie is hilarious as fuck and throws shade at the media in a witty tongue in cheek way which is a plus. A must see from Brick. Whatever that's worth..

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