Saturday, May 17, 2014

Alice in Blunderland

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about GMO's (stands for Genetically Modified fOod, probably) around the water cooler a.k.a. Facebook. I know it's cool to bang the anti-GMO bongo. But as someone who was never allowed in the box to begin with, let me give you the "outside the box" perspective...

"Come on! Let me in the box! I promise I won't fart this time... haha just kidding"

For starters, I believe that human intellect and creativity were given to us for a reason. We were actually meant to develop technology from spears that let our ancestors feed and protect themselves, to guns that do the same for us today; from huts that protected our ancestors from the "elements" to barns that store food.

I don't understand this newfound raw hatred for any kind of human development whatsoever. I'm not saying people don't take things too far sometimes. And just because we are capable of doing something is not reason enough to justify doing it. But think about what the world would be like if we never expressed our intelligence through development. Take fruit for example; such a perfect natural food packed with vitamins and minerals which help us grow strong and they taste delicious at the same time. Except that they don't.

Left completely on their own, trees produce very bitter fruits that taste nasty. Only one in ten fruit trees make fruit like what you know them to taste as. Farmers took these one in ten trees and bred them over and over to make entire orchards of good-tasting fruit. I bet the hippies on Venice beach never told you that, but it's true. It's an example of humans not intervening with nature but interacting with it to come up a better product.

However, I would take it a step further and say that we humans don't just develop the world to make it better for ourselves, we also make it better for the world as a whole. Look at cows who do nothing but consume grass; they serve a purpose. Look at wolves who do little more than consume other animals; they serve a purpose. Look at viruses that do nothing but destroy living organisms; they serve a purpose. Why is it then that when humans consume the world around them, we can't see beyond the immediate destruction to the bigger picture? Humans' consumption is a resource just like that of all other animals.

Factree: even my drawings are metaphors!! ...and they suck just the same

So what are the benefits of growing GMO's? Well, they make crops more resistant to the things that kill them: harsh weather conditions, decay from time spent on shelves, pesticides that are necessary to prevent entire crops from being consumed by insects. Also, they make it so more crops can be grown per square foot. This means that we can make more food with less resources, that will last longer. In other words more people will be able to eat.

With all the panty-twisting that yuppie fruit cakes have been doing about the supposed lower quality food produced by GMO's have they ever taken a second to step outside their bike-path riding bubble and think about people who have bigger problems such as mother fucking famine???

"Hey there little third-worlder. Sorry to hear about your little starvation issue, but I have some good news: we made sure you won't be getting sent bread made with GMO's! Aren't I so awesome? Put in a good word for me when you see the Lord which will probably be any day now..."
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So as shocking as this may be, the hippies who spend all day laying in grass fields blitzed out of their mind are actually being selfish on this issue. By the way, isn't it funny how all the self righteous yuppies think it's fine to kill a human fetus but draw the line when people try to fuck with plants?

"Huh! Why do people take pictures of corn without its husk on? Pedofiles! We should make it illegal. Won't someone please think of the corn??"

Don't get me wrong I am actually a strong believer in eating healthy but not to the point of letting other people literally starve to death. Besides, if the hippies really cared about people eating healthier they would be better off focusing their energy on getting rid of the naturally grown ingredients that we know for a fact are bad such as sugars and refined grains which contribute to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Why not lead the fight against the subsidization of sugar? That's a cause that can make us all much healthier WITHOUT making other die.

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