Friday, March 3, 2017

Inside the Donut Hole

The donut factory I work for always has me write a lil something for our above titled newsletter. See if you can guess which months these posts were for!!

A Day for Lovers (and retail profits)

So it's Valentine's Day today the perfect time to talk about love and relationships. When you think about it, relationships are a bit like jobs: you might complain when you have one, but if you were to lose your job you would feel like your world came crashing down.

Jobs provide us structure, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment along with of course a means to be able to survive. The same can be said about relationships. While they do require work, and they can be hard to maintain at times, ultimately they give meaning to our lives.
Pictured below: the reason we peasants exist.

Money might provide us with the ability to survive, but relationships give us a reason to work so hard, a reason to keep going. As awesome as a view at the top of the mountain might be it only multiplies when you have someone to share it with. As delicious as a well-made meal might taste, it’s way better if you can enjoy it with the person you love.

So don’t take for granted the one that loves you, the one that calls you to ask how your day went, the one who can’t wait to spend the weekend with you. Cherish them and you will get so much more out of your relationship. As for those of you who complain about being single on valentine’s day, quit you’re whining, enjoy your freedom!

Possibly You?

Christmas was always my favorite holiday as a child. I’m not going to lie; I liked it because of the presents I would receive.  One Christmas my father had recently lost his job. Times were hard and we had to rely on charity to get by. I really wanted a remote control car. At the time, it was a toy I obsessed about. But I was old enough to understand I wasn’t getting one.

On Christmas Eve, our family gathered around our pathetic, little, processed turkey roll that we had received from a food drive. I remember staring at it ungratefully. That night we went to a charity gift give away for low income families.

They had a Santa entertain us kids while one of the charity workers would call out individual names. When you heard your name you would go to the back of the room and pick up a bag with randomly selected presents that people had donated for us poor kids. I remember hearing my name and going to the back.

"Mom, why are there always a lot of ethnical kids at these charity events?" 

They gave me my gift bag. I wasn’t expecting much. Looking back, I find it funny how cynical I was as a child. In any event, we drove back home after getting our presents and placed them under the tree. The next morning, we opened our presents. Low and behold someone had donated a remote control car. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I was so excited as we took batteries out of a flashlight to put into my new toy. I remember racing that car up and down the street with what must have been the biggest smile on my face. In the midst of those hard times, someone’s generosity had given joy to a small child.

I only wish I could find the person who had donated the car to let them know just how much of a positive effect their gift had made. Since I can’t, I try to pay it forward. If there is anything I have learned during my time on this earth, its that life is too short not to be generous.

 Sorry, I had to...

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  1. What an awesome post! That is God right there, providing for you! How neat that you got that remote control car!


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