Thursday, October 11, 2012


There was once three cities lined up in a row. To the west was Pamperocity, to the east was Brokenopolis, and in the middle was Balanciudad. Then there was a Great War Machine which was to the east of all three. All day long, the Great War Machine would fire rockets at these three cities in an attempt to destroy them.

Because Pamperocity was so far away from the Great War Machine, it was only ever hit once in a great while. Thus it became a very pretty city with many beautiful albeit unsturdy designs. However it could not handle Missiles very well. Whenever it got hit by a stray rocket it would devastate the city because as pretty as it was, it was also weak from lack of having to rebuild structures strong enough to withstand attack.

Brokenopolis was not as lucky as Pamperocity. It was leveled to a pulp on a regular basis due to it's proximity to the Great War Machine. Missile after missile would strike it's buildings before they were even fully rebuilt. Therefore Brokenopolis was also weak because it was hit too frequently and never had a chance to rebuild itself stronger much as it tried.

Balanciudad had a different scenario going on. Like Brokenopolis, it was also hit on a regular basis. Missiles would strike down it's many efficiently built structures, but because it was further away from from the Great War Machine it always had time to rebuild stronger in between raids. Missile strikes were on it's mind and it was able to test out what worked and what didn't. Balancidad grew stronger and stronger, the more missiles it had to deal with.

Lacation, location, location
Gibraltar Explosion by Josh13770, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Josh13770 

Though it was due to completely opposite reasons, Pamperocity and Brokenopolis produced the same failed result: they both remained weak. On the other hand, Balanciudad had rebuilt itself stronger so many times that one day it reached the point where it was able to conquer its two neighboring cities; and as one strong empire it finally defeated the Great War Machine.

So it goes with people. Some are rocked with hardship upon hardship and never get the chance to rebuild and get stronger. Others, through no fault of their own, do not face enough challenges growing up to be able to actually grow up.

Then there are the lucky few who receive the right amount of hardship and recovery time to grow from their challenges and become great people. The lesson here is not to judge others because you never know what led them become what they became. If you are a strong person, then be the pillar upon which justice can lay its rocket launcher to blast the assholes of the world.

Heavy handed analogies, the name is Brick...  =p

Heavy handed analogy - picture of guy with Hulk hand... get it? get it??
Hulk hand!! by eric dickman, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  eric dickman

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  1. At first I didn't know what this entry's direction is, but in the end, I like the analogy that you presented. Totally true !:)

  2. That why i dont judge people, i do my thing and put ma hardwork into practise..nice write up


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